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The beginning – a video from the Wyss institute at Harvard

Science might often be distant to lay people. Discussing with some scientist friends, a powerful reason of this distance consists in the terms and concepts that we scientist use. Just the word “gene” may be obscure for people not working in the field. They don’t dare, so to speak, to learn or understand the concept, which usually is not that hard. Actually, the reasoning behind the result of a molecular-biology experiment or an archaeological hypothesis is basically the same. Human intelligence is at the end of the day of the same nature, regardless the problem to be solved. The difference is both in the concepts and the tools that are at hand. For history, people with a certain academic level share most of the concepts needed to solve a problem or discuss a topic. However, in biology or law, the concepts are less known for people not related to the field.
With all these, what I mean is that science can [and should!] be spread to everyone. At least, we should make it accessible, and…

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